Saturday, January 28, 2012

My flyer

Okay, so I am thinking about starting a small nail painting bussiness at my school for people in my dorm and whoever else. I made a flyer and I plan on hanging it in the dorm hallways. I need your opinions on if you think this is a good idea/could work!? I love painting nails and I would love to do it for others for a small price. In the real flyer I have about 6 pictures posted of what I've done so far, and also number tabs that people can tear off to contact me. What do you think???   

Emily Hundt

Central Michigan University

Kesseler 503

Just a college student

with a love for painting nails!

I have lots of artistic ability

and can paint anything from

solid colors to bumble bees to leopard print!

Come see what I’m all about! J

Solid Color: $2

Double Color or Design: $3

First Touch-up: Free

Second Touch-up: $1

Contact for appointments by call or text

Cell: 517-763-8768

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